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Tap Dance

Tap dance is an ideal opportunity for many young children to make a lot of noise due to the taps on the shoes.
However, it is also an excellent way to develop a child's sense of musicality and dance style.

Tap is a relaxed dance style and is great to watch. Many film stars including Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers became famous because of their Tap Dancing skills.
Tap dancing involves using the legs and knees a lot so being fit is ideal in order to execute the steps well.

Our tap grades progress from Primary, where young children aged 5 commence their tap dancing careers, and continue through to Advanced Grades where pupils then have the opportunity to take part of their teaching examinations.

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Jazz Classes

Jazz Dance is an excellent way of keeping fit and learning all the latest dance moves as performed by the popstars.
We encourage all pupils to take part in this genre of dance as it is freestyle and a lot of fun to do.
We mainly base all of our Young Performers dances around this genre, as anyone can dance to this style.
All it takes is a lot of enthusiasm.

Our Jazz classes are divided into age groups, meaning that we teach 3 individual groups, in order to cater for their age and ability.
The Junior age group consists of 6 - 9 year olds; the Inter age groups consists of 12 - 13 year olds; and the Senior pupils are aged 14 and over.
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