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Ballet is an excellent way to improve a child's coordination, posture, rhythm and ability to dance.
Ballet is the core genre of all other dance styles as it teaches correct placement of the body, creates a graceful poise of the body structure and makes the body more fitter and stronger.

Many physiotherapists have recently referred young patients to our dance school to help bow-leg children turn their legs out more; prevent the rolling of the feet which later causes imbalance in the body and also patients who have fallen arches or "flat feet" in order to increase their arches and help their feet to become stronger.

Ballet is taught from the age of 3 years, where the young children learn about responding to different pieces of music by the use of imagery and learning how to move in a creative way.

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Free Movement is also incorporated in the Ballet class, as this helps to develop the child's natural awareness of space, musicality and individuality.

All children are encouraged to attend at least one Ballet class a week, with some pupils have 2 lessons a week, by attending private one-on-one lessons with the teacher. Exam preparation involves all children attending 2 classes per week for those last minute perfections.

As the young ballerinas progress through the Grades, they learn more Ballet steps and varying dance styles from other countries, which is called Character work. Different styles include Hungarian, Polish and Russian, as this is where most ballet styles have developed from.
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